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Together: Friday Nights at the Roxy 

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Last Nights Memory

I studied the way he talked, the way he walked, the

way he smiled.

All this was happening right in the midst of the setting of

the sun, its copper colors, compiled.

He gave

me a hand to hold, meanwhile his skin had turned to


radiating in the fiery shadows, revealing his true beauty

to me… 

I thanked the sun silently

as it hurried away

allowing the cars headlights to glow bright against

what was now twilight.

Shining on us like spotlights,

Irradiating our love.

We’re just like this day, that never truly met its end.

yeah we are just like that

... a continuation
Like the sea's vibration.

Even at our darkest hour we shine

Like the sunlight that reflects off that very same sea.

That sparkle is him, that glisten is me
We stole the night and never gave it back

Our love is like that

enchanted yet true

Caged yet free

...Last Nights Memory

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