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In The Company Of The Moon

Posted by Blog Of A Storyteller on August 8, 2019 at 8:45 PM

In The Company Of The Moon

My eyes fixed themselves on the placid moonlight that painted the ceiling
I stared at it... while I drowned inside of this hopeless feeling
Laying here
On my bed
In the darkness
Left in the company... of nothing
But the words you said
Before you left
Left me here alone
Just me... and that patch of moonlight
That forced its way into my pitch black
Beautiful beginnings
Sad endings
Shaking my head... at the memory of us
In bitter disgust
Trying to knock loose
All of the tangled thoughts of love
Of what once was
Now.... there's nothing left
But the light of the moon
Thet crept in through my window
And fixed itself overhead
Chasing away the shadows
And looming over my bed
Comforting me
Keeping me company

Categories: Poetry

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