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Together: Friday Nights at the Roxy 

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Majeedah Thomas Novel

The warm water splashed on Rama’s face as she imagined it washing what remained of her old life down the drain. Running away from home had turned out to be harder than she’d expected, she never thought that she’d be working a nine to five or living with people all over the age of twenty and she never expected that one of them would be addicted to drugs. She didn’t believe the doctor’s diagnosis either and refused to take medicine for it. She was finally sixteen, it was the summer of 1995, and even though she hadn’t planned on feeling so alone she found pleasure in no one being able to tell her what she could and couldn’t do. She walked inside the nightclub, headed straight for the dance floor and was lost in the music just as quick. Dancing helped her to forget and forgetting helped life feel right . . . when she could forget it’s every detail. A circling crowd of people were watching two guys she’d never seen before challenging each other she made her way over to them bopping her head while she watched. That’s when she saw him dancing a few feet away from her he was wearing a red polo cap and a matching polo shirt with a pair of wide leg jeans and his smile was so hypnotic that she couldn’t look away. Had love finally heard her poems? Were all the love stories she’d read true after all? Rama loved the way he flowed to the beat and how he was somehow able to make the music appear as if it were really moving through his body. She moved closer still watching his every move, he noticed her, their eyes connected and time stood still for a moment . . . 


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